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iMRS prime support

This support website will be updated consecutively, in case of specific questions, please contact your assigned SBS Lifestyle Consultant!
If you have any issues with your iMRS prime System, please open a support ticket.


How to start-up the iMRS prime?
Make sure, that all components are connected properly: Control panel has to be connected to the Connectorbox, Connectorbox has to be plugged in the power plug, applicators and optional accessories have to be properly connected to the respective sockets at the Connectorbox. Press the small, black button on the right side of your control unit, until the device is booting. It may take 1-2 minutes until the iMRS prime display will show you the start screen. Confirm the “Contraindications” by pressing “Start”, the display will then switch to the Home Screen. Your iMRS prime system is now ready for usage!
How to perform a firmware update on the iMRS prime?
From time to time we release firmware updates with the goal to improve reliability and functionality of your iMRS prime. You will always find the latest version including version no. on this site. Firmware updates are free of charge and can be downloaded at any time. First, check the recent version of your firmware by entering the Settings Mode (tap on the small cogwheel icon in the top bar of your display), then tap on “System Information”, your firmware version will be displayed. Compare your number with the latest version published on this site. If the published number has a higher value than yours, you are entitled to an update. Download the respective files on an empty USB stick. Plug your USB stick with the uploaded files in one of the USB hubs on your iMRS prime control panel (left side of the housing). Tap on the “Settings” icon, then tap on “System Information” followed by “Search for Update”. The display will now check the USB stick and confirm, that an Update is available. Tap on “Start Update”, the process will automatically start. VERY IMPORTANT: The entire update process takes about 10-15 minutes. Please do not touch the unit and do not unplug the USB stick during the update process, otherwise the unit will go in maintenance mode and needs to be sent in for recovery! During the update process, the iMRS prime screen changes several times, displaying all kind of information, sometimes even upside down. Don’t get destructed by it! The update process will be finished when the display shows again the Start Screen (the one with the contraindications). Press “Start” and your system will be ready for use by displaying the home screen with the application buttons. Don’t forget to unplug your USB stick after finalizing the update process!
How do i know, if the iMRS prime applicators are properly working?

Every Exagon Applicator (Mat, FIR, Pillow and Spot) has a built-in optical function control (OFC). A small integrated LED on one side of the respective Exagon applicator (Mat, FIR and Pillow) or directly on the surface (Spot) indicates the following status: Once you start an application and the LED turns green, the application is running properly. During an application, the LED turns from green to blue every two minutes to indicate the magnetic pole shifts, all good. If the LED turns red, a problem with the applicator is present and you should first try to troubleshoot with a “Reboot” after stopping the application. Go to “Settings, then “System Information, then tap on “Reboot”. After finishing this process, start again an application. If the LED still displays a red color, the chosen applicator may be mechanically damaged and needs service. Contact your respective SBS Lifestyle Consultant for further support or use our online ticket center to retrieve a support ticket and we will get in touch with you.

The control panel does not turn on
  • Make sure, that the Connectorbox is plugged into the wall and has power (small LED indicator at the side of the Connectorbox). Make sure, that the connection cord between the Connectorbox and the Control Panel is properly attached on both sides. Try again! If the control unit still doesn’t turn on, contact your respective SBS Lifestyle Consultant for further support or use our online ticket center to retrieve a support ticket, and we will get in touch with you.
Why has the Connectorbox three applicator plugs on the left side and another three applicator plugs on the right side?
  • With certain versions of the iMRS prime, the software tool “Split Mode” becomes available. In Split Mode, you are able to perform two independent PEMF applications with two different applicators with one and the same control panel. Hereby the control software needs to know if the respective applicator is available for utilization on the respective side. Therefore, it is necessary to plug the designated applicator(s) on the correct side at the Connectorbox (left side corresponds to “Left” on the Split Mode screen, right side corresponds to “Right” on the Split Mode screen). IMPORTANT NOTE: A Hybrid application (utilizing PEMF and Far Infrared simultaneously with EXAGON FIR) cannot be performed in Split Mode!
What basic settings do I have to make when I use the iMRS prime for the first time?
After connecting all components properly (incl. the power plug), turn on the iMRS prime by pushing the small, black button on the right side of the control panel housing. The system will boot (1-2 Minutes) and then show you the start screen. After confirmation of the contraindications, the home screen will appear. Tap on the “Settings” icon, then tap on “Date/Time”. In order to activate the built-in organ clock and provide correct data for session recordings, please set the local date and time followed by “Save”. The iMRS prime is now configured for basic usage.
How do the Fast Start programs affect the reaction of the user?
The Fast Start Programs are designed to provide the user with efficient results depending on the purpose of an application. The iMRS prime hereby uses pre-programmed and coherent combinations of the following properties:

  • Wave Form
  • Carrier Frequency (aligned with the built-in organ clock)
  • Flux Density
  • Resonance

Find more information here!

Where do I plug the Eaxgon Brain?
The Exagon Brain can be either plugged in at the designated USB ports of the Connectorbox (please make sure you consider the correct side, left and/or right) or directly at one of the USB hubs on the left side of the control panel. The supplied earphones can be only plugged in at the left side of the control panel in one of the 3.5mm jacks. You may alternatively use your own earphones or headphones with the proper plug(s) as well.
Where do I plug the Exagon Sense?
The Exagon Sense finger clip is plugged into the corresponding socket (Exagon Sense left or Exagon Sense right) on the Connectorbox. For split screen applications, please pay attention to the correct side.
Where can I set the screen standby time?
Tap on the “Settings” icon at the top of the menu (next to the system time) to access the settings. Then tab on “Display“. You can use the “+“ and “-“ buttons to set the time after which the iMRS prime screen turns off. Warning: The iMRS is still running and only the screen is dark. To turn the screen back on, briefly press the on/off button on the right edge of the iMRS prime control unit.
The time on the iMRS prime control unit is not displayed correctly
Tab on the “Settings” icon at the top of the menu (next to the system time) to access settings. Tab on “Date/Time“ to go to the time settings. Tab on the number to be set and change the value with the “+“ and “-“ buttons.
Why is it important to always set the correct time on the iMRS prime control unit?
The correct time is important so that the built-in organ clock can output the correct magnetic field values the iMRS prime can provide correct data for session recordings
Why should I set the date correctly on the iMRS prime?
Every application is recorded with it’s set parameters and can be exported to a USB stick if required.
How do I load music into the iMRS prime control unit?
Copy your music files in MP3 format to a USB stick and insert it into one of the 2 USB drives on the side of your iMRS prime control unit.

Tab on the “Settings” icon at the top menu (next to the system time) to access the settings. Tab on “Music Management”. The following page is divided in two, on the left you will see a window with all the music tracks that are already on the iMRS prime, on the right you will see your USB stick with all your music files. If you tab on the “+” symbol next to a music file, the file will be transferred to the iMRS prime and will appear on the left side. If you want to delete a music files from the iMRS prime, please tab on the trash can icon next to the music file.

Where can I see which software version is installed on my iMRS prime?
Tab on the “Settings” icon at the top of the menu (next to the system time) to access settings. Tab on “System Information”. In the following window you will see the serial number of your iMRS prime system in the first line and the installed software version in the second line.
How can I activate / deactivate the tones (keyboard tones, signal tones) on the iMRS prime?
Tab on the “Settings” icon in the top of the menu (next to the system time) to access settings. Tab on “tones”. In the following screen you can activate or deactivate the keyboard tones and the system tones.

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iMRS prime Firmware

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